Zombie Apocalypse Expansion Pack til Cache Me If You Can spil

Udvidelsespakke til brætspillet Cache Me If You Can. Lavet af DPH Games Inc.

175,00 kr.
Inkl. moms 2 - 3 dage
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The Zombie Apocalypse er begyndt!
Heldigvis er du god til at prioritere, for hvad er vigtigst? Det kan være på tide at gribe til grejet og komme ud på geocaching!
The Zombie Apocalypse Geocaching udvidelsespakken giver utrolig meget sjov, spænding og strategi til Cache me if you can!
En Zombies eller to vil ikke være det store problem, men hvis de bli'r i overtal, så må du spille resten af spillet som en geocaching-zombie-spiller!
Geocaching bliver aldrig det samme efter dette spil!
Du kan købe seje spillebrikker.
About the game....
The Zombie Pack changes the entire feel of Cache Me If You Can! You are still Geocaching, but now their is much more risk and danger. The permutations of what can happen have doubled. There is more strategy and there are more crazy situations that arrise. One legged Zombies on bicycles. Zombies calling in a air strike... you name it!
In most expansion packs the cards match the originals, not so in ZAG. Why you ask? This way you will know when a Zombie Event card is coming up next in the deck. Zombie Event cards are not all bad or good. You still don't know what you are getting, but it might be your last chance to save yourself. Do you head back to the Sporting Goods Store to pick it up or keep on with your search in the woods?