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Hopfengarten Geocoin Pathtag øloplukker

95,00 kr.
Inkl. moms 2 - 3 dage
This geocoin is the answer to your problem.  The HopfengartenGeocoin is a handy bottle opener, geocoin, and Pathtag transporter ALL IN ONE!
It comes with it's own custom Pathtag only available with this coin.  It can easily be removed to place your favorite Pathtag for travelling/display.

You're dying of thirst.  Someone offers you a tasty bottled beverage.  Success!  You finally have something to quench that thirst. But oh no - it's not a twist off bottle cap, and you have no bottle openers on you.  What now?!

Stay hydrated, collect geocoins, and display your Pathtags.  All at once.  

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