Year of the Metal Ox Geocoin - 2021

Er du klar til et nyt år?

Fra det kinesiske måneårsdag den 12. februar 2021 indtil den 31. januar 2022 er vi i året for oksen!

Rotteåret har været lidt hårdt må man sige, men året for oksen forventes at blive mere heldigt. Så ved vi alle, hvad det betyder: at finde flere geocacher!

The Year of the Ox Geocoin kan spores på og har sit eget unikke ikon, som kommer til at fremgå i din samling.

103,20 kr.
2 - 3 dage
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This Limited Edition Geocoin was designed exclusively for Shop Geocaching. 

Some notes from designer Christian Mackey: 
This upcoming year will be the Year of the Earth Dog. On the face side we have a classic canine with it's yin yang style facial colors over a traditional round window screen. The Earth Dog is surrounded by the new year's traditional "lucky" flowers of Roses, Orchids and Oncidium set into a traditional running wave border. The lucky numbers of 3 and 9 are represented with the 3 symbols of Earth, Dog and the Zodiac Dog (a different symbol from the animal dog) dividing the 3 flowers and 3 arches set into 9 green fields. 

On the reverse side we have a yin yang symbol of overlapping dogs with the Earth Dog in it's traditional Yang setting. In our lucky 3 frames are the eclipsing moon of Tiangou's bite overlayed by the humble dog's gift of agricultural grain to mortal man as told in Chinese legend. The outer border repeats the traditional friendship knot of man and dog with love-paw symbols while the traditional green and violet lucky colors are used throughout.


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