Fake dummy camera - specialcache

This geocache is perfect for urban zones. Muggles or geoacachers won't dare to approach it!
A small LED lamp lights, as for real cameras. It also rotates when someone approach it, as if someone was filming.
Requires 3 AA batteries.

2 possible uses:
- STEP: Write a hint or coordinates on the camera. Geocachers will have to be courageous to approach and read it when the camera is mooving!
- GEOCACHE: Place the camera so that it is accessible. Use the battery compartment as space for your geocache (the LED lamp and motion detector will no longer be fonctional).

Width: 15,0 cm
Height: 15,5 cm
Thickness: 5,5 cm 

49,95 kr.
Inkl. moms
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