CITO TB - traveltag med kode Forstør

CITO 2016 TB - traveltag med kode


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Officiel CITO traveltag fra Geocaching HQ/Groundspeak med sporbar kode

Str: ca. 50 mm x 36 mm
Det officielle Travel Tag fra CITO weekenderne i 2016
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Cache In Trash Out (CITO) is an ethic promoted by geocachers everywhere. The idea behind it is for geocachers to clean up the environment while they're out in the field hunting. If we all picked up a couple of pieces of litter every time we found a cache, we'd leave the GZ looking a lot better than the way we found it.

The CITO Travel Tag is a way to remind others - and yourself - about this important ideal. By sending this travel tag on its journey from cache to cache, you can remind other cachers that it's a good idea for all of us to do a little bit towards making this planet a nicer place to live.